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Laboratory Design

We are professionals in lab design, that is our core business

Perfect, Confort and Suiable design prepare by
our proessional experts, all designs should meet our customer needs
We use professional technicans and highest grade material and durable equipments used for long time use without problems
Chose yourlab and office furnitures from
many designs suitable or wide range of laboratories fileds
Application Design
Application Design
We design oriented application according to
your laboratory fields
( analytical, biological, diagnostic ... others)
Laboratory Equipment Supply
Laboratory Equipment Supply
We supply wide range of high quality brands of
instruments, chemicals
(fine - standards - solutions - diagnostic ...etc)
Technical & Management Training
Technical & Management Training
We provide your lab team by
technical training and management training
in many laboratoories fileds
International Laboratory Accreditation
International Laboratory Accreditation
If you need international recognition to your
laboratory We beside you, Whatever if your lab perform testing, calibrarion or diagnostic
Laboratory Documents
Laboratory Documents
We help you to prepare your laboratory
documents ( SOPs - Forms - Reports)
and Supply Lab Management System Software
Laboratory Safety
Laboratory Safety
We prepare laboratory emergency plan and
supply safety equipments, safety signs
plus, make safety and first aid training
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for more information / get Quotation
LAB Safety
Laboratories are designed to maintain the health and well-being of occupants. Potentially hazardous substances used in different laboratories include chemicals, radioactive materials and infectious biological agents. These materials can be manipulated daily as part of experiments, research or production.

Safety must remain the primary goal of a laboratory.

Regulations, guidelines and standards to ensure laboratory safety have been published by many industry groups, Complying with those requirements is a primary step in achieving laboratory safety objectives.
Confort Design
Laboratory safety has to be balanced with worker comfort. Comfort primarily is concerned with maintaining appropriate temperatures and air velocities. Worker productivity will suffer if the space is too warm or too cool.

Similarly, spaces with high air currents are perceived as drafty and cool.

Air currents also impact safety by limiting containment in fume hoods and other protective equipment.

Ease of use of the laboratory equipment is also a factor in worker comfort.

Laboratories employing highly specialized equipment, like glove boxes, may be safest. However, this equipment carries an ease of use penalty inappropriate for the hazards encountered in most chemical laboratories.

Laboratory equipment and layout must allow staff to perform necessary tasks with minimal additional effort.
Energy Efficincy
Laboratories are normally designed as once-through systems, without recirculation Conditioning, supplying and exhausting the large volumes of air used in laboratories consumes sizeable quantities of energy.

Reducing these energy costs has a direct impact on a laboratory's bottom line. Laboratories must be designed so that energy efficiency gains do not reduce safety and comfort.

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