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Clinical chemistry (also known as chemical pathology, clinical biochemistry or medical biochemistry) is the area of clinical pathology that is generally concerned with analysis of bodily fluids for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. It is an applied form of biochemistry (not to be confused with medicinal chemistry, which involves basic research for drug development).

Most current laboratories are now highly automated to accommodate the high workload typical of a hospital laboratory. Tests performed are closely monitored and quality controlled.

All biochemical tests come under chemical pathology. These are performed on any kind of body fluid, but mostly on serum or plasma.
The analytical chemicals used in products quality control for many manufactures and environmental analysis.

Quality in analytical processes are of particular importance in laboratories analyzing samples where the concentration of chemical species present may be extremely low and close to the detection limit of the analytical method. So the laboratory should monitoring the accuracy and precision of results, and to achive them you should use the correct chemical grade.
A large medical laboratory will accept samples for up to about 700 different kinds of tests. Even the largest of laboratories rarely do all  
these tests themselves, and some must be referred to other labs.

This large array of tests can be categorized into sub-specialties of:
General or routine chemistry - commonly ordered blood chemistries (e.g., liver and kidney function tests).
Special chemistry - elaborate techniques such as electrophoresis, and manual testing methods.
Clinical endocrinology - the study of hormones, and diagnosis of endocrine disorders.
Toxicology - the study of drugs of abuse and other chemicals.
Therapeutic Drug Monitoring - measurement of therapeutic medication levels to optimize dosage.
Urinalysis - chemical analysis of urine for a wide array of diseases, along with other fluids such as CSF and effusions
Fecal analysis - mostly for detection of gastrointestinal disorders.


Abbott is a world leader in rapid diagnostics at the point of care, with a focus on cardio metabolic disease, infectious disease and toxicology.


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