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Water Calculator 2.1.2018

Water Calculator

Water Calculator

WCalc - is an simple calculator for calculate:


We live on the only BLUE planet of the universe, yet we seem to forget how precious to our lives and the life of all living beings is the waterthat makes the planet blue.

Water Calculator Pack

What does Scale mean?

Scale is hard mineral coatings and corrosion deposits made up of solids and sediments that collect on or in distribution system piping, storage reservoirs and household plumbing.


Scaling, which is the deposition of mineral solids on the interior surfaces of water lines and containers, most often occurs when water containing the carbonates or bicarbonates of calcium and magnesium is heated.


Scale formation can be reduced by applying proper water softening methods.

Scale formation is a serious problem encountered in many industries, including:

• Oil and gas production

• Water transport

• Power generation

• Batch precipitation

The quantity of scale that water can dissolve depends upon:


• Temperature

• Pressure

• pH level

What does Corrosion mean?


Corrosion is the deterioration and loss of a material and its critical properties due to chemical, electrochemical and other reactions of the exposed material surface with the surrounding environment.


Water Calculator free edition have some effective features but all features of other water calculators listed in Water Calculator Pro version please check our website for more details ( Comming Soon ).

The Water calculator have easy and friendly UI interface with technical help to explain the calculations basics. Water Calculator use SI units in calculation.

• Calculate Langelier Saturation Index

• Calculate Ryznar Stability Index

• Calculate Total Hardness

Water Calculator Screen

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